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At A Glance

AKPsi Alpha Chapter is the founding branch of the oldest and largest business fraternity in the world. We are an international organization with nearly 300,000 initiated members at 219 universities in 4 countries.

Every year our members recruit into the top business firms worldwide. Our current seniors and juniors have internships and full-time roles starting this summer at JPMorgan, BofA, Goldman Sachs, Citadel, BCG, Dow Jones and more.

Our Core Values:

At a glance
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Strong friendships are at the core of our organization. We push each other to be the best that we can in our academic and professional lives. Many of us have found our best friends and mentors in AKPsi, and we are truly defined by our closeness, within and across classes. AKPsi is a network that will last a lifetime.

Core Values

Launch Your Career

Every recruiting cycle, our brothers consistently land internships and full-time positions at the most prestigious firms in every industry.


Our new initiates complete a professional development program led by senior brothers with internship experience in banking, consulting, private equity, trading, etc. This, along our vast international alumni network, has given us opportunities at the top of various industries. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I join?

We are a community in both the professional & social sense. We strive to excel in our careers while making connections that last a lifetime.

How do I join?

We host a rush process at the start of each semester (fall & spring) for you to meet the brothers and be eligible for a bid!

Can only business majors rush?

To be eligible for rush, you must be a Stern student with a 3.0+ GPA.

Can non-members attend general meetings?

Yes! We have general meetings open to students of all majors. We host information sessions, recruiting workshops, and socials!

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